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The French company Deveille know that they have to keep evolving their company to gain a competitive advantage. Mr. Jacques Meley, general director of Deveille, says, "In 2015 we started producing burgers and steak haché. At that time, we also started to work with Marel meat preparation equipment to grind and mix our  meat and to form our products with the MasterFormer.”

Deveille - passion for meat, value for innovation

Deveille has had very good cooperation and close contact with Marel since they bought their first equipment.
Mr. Meley: "Last year, the brand new PremiumFormer was presented to us and we decided to work with Marel to support the further evolution of this development. We are pleased that we did so because today we get to work with an exceptional machine that makes exactly the products that we desire."

With the PremiumFormer, we get to work with an exceptional machine that makes exactly the products that we desire.

Mr. Jacques Meley
General Director Deveille

Operator friendly equipment

Hedi Belkhir, responsible for maintenance and service at Deveille describes his experience of working with the PremiumFormer, “The machine is straightforward to use because it has been well thought out and is logically set up. It is very easy to change the molds and to clean the machine. Because all the settings are  programmed into the machine, changing the production type goes very quickly.”

Maximum flexibility

Jacques Meley elaborates, "each orientation gives each product a specific eating experience to meet shifting customer demands. For example, a burger with vertical fibers gives a very different taste than a burger where the fibers are interlaced.“ Furthermore, the footprint of the PremiumFormer is minimal. 

“The footprint of the PremiumFormer is minimal. This is an important feature for us since we need to make the most of the space in our production facility,” says Mr. Meley. 

About Deveille

Deveille is a family-owned company that was established in 1981 when they took over the local slaughterhouse in Feurs, France. Thanks to continuous developments, the company is now vertically integrated into primary, secondary and further processing. Deveille has 120 employees, all based at their facilities in Feurs.

Forming superior product quality

PremiumFormer is a unique solution for forming fresh burgers that ensures quality, flexibility and product consistency.

The system offers a variety of texture and shape possibilities while preserving product quality after cooking. Because of its compact footprint, the PremiumFormer will fit seamlessly into practically any production facility.

Soazig Pinheiro, Product Specialist at Marel explains, “Through the years, burgers have been going through various generations of burgers types. There’s the standard burger, which is typically pressed and without a clear fiber orientation. Then you have the home-style and tender fresh burger, where the fibers are oriented vertically.

In a butcher burger, fibers are interlaced, which creates angel hair burgers. Each burger type will give the consumer a specific eating experience and taste.” PremiumFormer makes it now possible to create all these burger types in one flexible machine. 


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