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Wetscales Superior Warranty For Scales

Marel scales are recognized for their outstanding durability. This gives us the confidence to offer an increased warranty period for selected models. The increase not only gives our customers greater value but also added peace of mind.

Marel has always been an industry leader in weighing technology. Our scales are built with precision and craftsmanship to the highest standards. They require minimal maintenance and can endure decades of daily use in the harshest conditions.

Quality assurance

To give our customers added assurance of the quality of our scales, we will now offer an industry-leading seven-year warranty on all our M1100-M2400 Bench Scales. And we will also offer a four-year warranty for the M1100-M2400 Marine Scales—the longest warranty on the market for a marine scale.

Minimizing environmental impact

At Marel, we are striving to be sustainable leaders in both our actions and our products.

By purchasing durable equipment that has a longer lifespan and needs less frequent replacement, all of us, from manufacturers to customers, are minimizing our environmental impact. Additionally, the low total cost of ownership over the lifetime of our scales gives significant benefits.

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