The ins and outs of inventory

For any vendor, the ability to streamline the movement of inventory influences not only profit margins but also customer satisfaction.

Barcode Inventory

Inventory key performance indicators must consider how long it requires to find the correct amount of each product in the warehouse, stack it onto a forklift, and deliver the proper goods to the loading bay on time—and include complete visibility during each part of the workflow.

Inventory software

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If vendors have used traditional processes, adopting production control software can enhance visibility of inventory levels, cut labor costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service levels.

To implement advanced inventory control measures, vendors start by serializing each unit of product with a barcode. In addition, each warehouse location is assigned a barcode. The movement of product around the warehouse is completely automated, with workers employing scanners at each inventory stage.

When palletizing, the production control software can automatically assign product to pallets. Workers can also use handheld scanners to build pallets. Digital records of printed pallet labels are automatically stored in an easy-to-use centralized database, accessible from an inventory control dashboard and connected to all scanners on the floor.

During the put-away phase, workers use scanners to assign pallets to the appropriate warehouse location. The software includes business rules that prevent workers from storing pallets in the wrong location.

Each box and each pallet are unique in the system. During order picking, the records of any split apart or consolidated pallets are updated in real time. The central database maintains restacking pallet records so if any pallet labels are lost, the pallet contents are still fully visible.

How you benefit

By using the Innova Food Processing Software, you can easily search and view your inventory assets, and assign and track product units and pallets for put away, order picking, and restacking. Workers can easily identify a pallet and its contents no matter where they are on the warehouse floor, and avoid losing time searching for product. It’s next to impossible to duplicate or lose pallet label information, which streamlines the movement of goods from the warehouse to the staging area. With a centralized dashboard, the movement of inventory in and out of the warehouse can be coordinated, making it possible to fulfill customer orders in a timely and accurate way.

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