The smarter whitefish processing experience


On 26 September 2018, Marel will host its Whitefish ShowHow in Copenhagen for the fourth consecutive year, giving processors an exclusive opportunity to experience first-hand how advances in processing technology can boost their results.

Smarter processing

Demonstrations throughout the day will show visitors how equipment and software from Marel help fish processors better utilize the raw material, while reducing processing time and increasing automation and food safety.

With the advent of Industry 4.0, fish processing is increasingly automated, and this event demonstrates how automation, robotization and data management can best prepare processors for today’s hi-tech processing reality. In addition to live demonstrations, visitors will be invited to step into modern fish processing facilities via virtual reality, for a unique insight into cutting-edge processing innovation and technology.

The reduction in available manpower is a key driver for increasing automation, particularly in Europe and North America, and Marel helps processors address this challenge with equipment that can make independent and intelligent decisions. Connectivity is therefore a linchpin in today’s fish processing facilities and Innova Food Processing Software will feature prominently at the event.

Data is increasingly valuable in today’s hi-tech processing environment, with the ability to track and analyze data key to being competitive. At the Whitefish ShowHow, visitors will see the data being generated by the machines in real time and will be able to deepen their understanding of how this data is key to gaining full production control.

Smarter packing

The full equipment line-up will be announced closer to the event, but our range of packing solutions will be among the highlights this year. The packing robots on the new configuration of the FleXicut line attracted a lot of interest at the 2017 event and will feature again, with the demonstration of new applications of this highly automated system.

Given the industry’s need for different types of packing solutions – from very simple to highly advanced – this year’s event will also include semi-automatic packing as well as packing into ovenable packs. Irrespective of the level of automation, all Marel packing solutions are designed to be extremely precise in order to minimize giveaway.

Smarter networking

The event is also an opportunity to listen to guest speakers and meet up with Marel specialists and industry colleagues from around the world. Marel’s state-of-the-art demonstration and training center offers a relaxed atmosphere in which to meet and share experiences.

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