Top-5 trending poultry stories in 2022

The most popular online articles about poultry processing

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So far in 2022, we published on quite some stories which are of interest to readers involved in the global poultry industry. These include technical news articles, customer stories, market observations and more. In case you wonder in which subjects your fellow readers are most interested, or you missed one of these popular articles, this survey may be of help.

Hazeldene Evisceration Department

1. Six important points for a top evisceration operation

It’s the art of poultry evisceration to have a constantly high performance on all broiler weights and perform well in the giblet harvesting line too. Doing this job properly will safeguard the yield and quality of your end product. It is wise to follow the crucial points of attention mentioned in this article. 

IRIS FI visual fillet inspection

2. IRIS FI - the ultimate way to detect all fillet defects

Besides having their fillets inspected for bone contamination, poultry processors are also eager to get some kind of automated fillet quality inspection. Marel's IRIS FI (Fillet Inspection) camera offers such a visual quality assessment. Because of its ability to detect defects such as bruises, fat and skin, IRIS FI plays an essential role in supplying highest quality food.

IMPAQT Factory Tablet

3. The near future of poultry processing

What do you want your poultry processing plant to be capable of in about ten years time? What are your dream wishes? Do you want to gain more insight, be less people-dependent, have self-learning autopilot machines? Do you want to have your process automatically set up to achieve an optimal output? What’s the role in this for new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How can these new technologies bring you real added value? Can you do without them? Marel gives you a glance of its vision of future poultry processing.

Atria Nurmo Factory2022

4. A 15,000 bph greenfield for Atria Finland

Atria Finland has started the construction of the largest investment in its history: a new 15,000 bph poultry processing plant in Nurmo mainly featuring Marel solutions. Since Marel installed Atria’s current Nurmo poultry process some 20 years ago, Atria and Marel have been long-term partners. Reijo Áijó, vice president of Atria, talks about the greenfield project which is due to be complete in 2024.

9 Pieces Raw+Fried2400

5. Anatomic and non-anatomic cut-up

In many of the world’s markets, most chicken now reach the consumer as chicken portions. It is not difficult to see why. Portions are affordable and quick to prepare, a favorite with home cooks and fast-food chains alike. To meet customer demand, should processors offer anatomic or non-anatomic cuts?
Excellent presentation and optimum yield are key priorities for chicken portions sold retail; cutting accuracy and repeatability will be what is most important for convenience food manufacturers and catering outlets.


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