Vísir and Marel agree to greater robotization

Visir Brussels 3.jpg

Icelandic fish processor Vísir has signed an agreement with Marel in Brussels to greatly enhance the automation in their Grindavík plant with further robotization.

Vísir has just installed their first RoboBatcher and this agreement will see the installation of additional robots in the near future.

“We entered an agreement with Vísir on the joint development of robot box packing last year,” says Sigurdur Ólason, Managing Director Marel Fish. “After a very smooth installation of the first packing robot, we’re very happy that Vísir is already keen to step up the automation yet another notch.”

Vísir installed FleXicut automatic pinboning and portioning in 2014. They use FleXisort automated product distribution and installed the FleXitrim pre-trimming flowline in 2017.

Now with the addition of the RoboBatchers, Vísir can integrate their FleXicut system to optimize the batching of whitefish loins into boxes.

The two companies have a long history of working together and Marel has also just delivered an onboard grader that enables Vísir to size-grade at sea. The new solution is interconnected with the FleXicut lines they have onshore in order to maximize efficiency and product quality.

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