Convenience Line for poultry

Convenience food lines

Automated line, from start to end

When you want to create products such as tempura nuggets, homestyle chicken wings or chicken schnitzels, you may be puzzled how to set up such a production line which puts together all individual processing steps. No more worries! Marel has already done this job for you. We can automate the entire process of convenience food production from start to end. From marinating to meat preparation, from forming to pre-dust, wet and dry coating, from frying to freezing, every possible step is covered by high-end, automated Marel solutions, while respecting today's strict food safety standards.

In this way, we have put together several modular processing lines which create a wide variety of attractive, high-value, tasty products. Depending on the end product your customers require, you can make your own modular adaptations to the line. At the end of the day, you’ll find out how the latest technologies in further processing can add huge value to your production process.

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