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Poultry processors are always looking for optimal use of all incoming products. They can benefit greatly from fixed-weight batching, performed excellently by Marel batchers. In cooperation with Innova software, they cleverly decide which product weights and sizes best match the order requirements. Fixed-weight batching keeps giveaway as low as possible when packing products and the exact target weight is delivered to customers.

We offer all kinds of batching solutions, including integrated tray loading and packing systems. Marel multihead weighers handle all in-feed, sorting, mixing, and weighing requirements. They automatically batch and pack all types of fresh or frozen (IQF) poultry items of almost any size.
The fully automatic RoboBatcher packs products into trays at high speed with preferred styling. Combined with the I-Cut 122 portion cutter, it forms the ‘Robot with a Knife’, an intelligent fillet batching concept.

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