Automatic Driveway Systems

Capacity up to 1,500 pigs per hour

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CO2-stunning systems

  • Backloader - capacity: 100-950 pigs per hour
  • Jumbo - capacity: 240-960 pigs per hour
  • Combi - capacity: 80-480 pigs per hour
  • DipLift - capacity: 50-120 pigs per hour

Blood collection system

  • Basic for pig line - capacity: 10-220 pigs per hour
  • Basic for cattle line - capacity: 10-50 cattle per hour
  • RotaStick for pig line - capacity: 150-1,000 pigs per hour
  • RotaStick for cattle line - capacity: 50-300 cattle per hour

Intermediate storage system

  • IBC-tank - 1,000 liter tanks
  • MobiStore - 200 liter tanks
  • FixStore - 300-700 liter tanks
  • RectaStore - 178 liter tanks

Blood processing system

  • Capacity up to 2,500 liters per hour

Drying of plasma and hemoglobin

  • BallTec 3 - capacity: 300 liters per hour
  • BallTec 4 - capacity: 500 liters per hour
  • Single lane execution with one camera and one knife
  • Two different cutting angles: 45 and 90 degrees
  • Advanced laser vision system to ensure portion accuracy
  • User-friendly touchscreen
  • Infeed and outfeed belt with individually adjustable speeds
  • Servo-driven cutting motor 
  • Perfect product fixation
  • No use of water needed, reducing cross-contamination risks
  • Software package to meet most cutting demands/patterns
  • Integrates with Innova Portioning module software for remote programming, control and reporting
  • Emergency stop on front and back side
  • Made of stainless steel and other non-corrosive materials 
  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Engineered to ensure maximum hygiene, easy cleaning and sanitation 
  • Small footprint

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