DMP45 Minced Meat System

  • DMP meat is comparable to coarse minced poultry, both in application and price
  • Selective harvesting results in structured coarse meat with high-quality aspects
  • Applicable to high-quality products such as nuggets, hamburgers, fresh sausages etc.
  • Legislation in most countries allows the use of DMP meat as `normal` meat without restrictions
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Extremely low maintenance cost


After the deboning of poultry, high quality and valuable meat remains on the carcasses. DMP technology has been developed to harvest this high-quality meat in a selective manner.

The DMP45 harvests residual meat left after a previous deboning operation or deboned from primal poultry parts (necks, wings or even whole birds).

  • Recaptures previously discarded whole meat as 3 mm ground meat
  • One loader with minimal skills can process up to 2000 kg of reclaimed meat per hour
  • Durable hydraulic driven system
  • Adjustable pressure and press times (quality and yield are steady and adjustable)
  • No functional wear and tear
  • Easy to maintain and operate



DMP 45


3531 mm, 139 inch*


1882 mm, 74 inch*


2047 mm, 80 inch*

Weight net

1360 kg, 2.998 pounds (machine)

500 kg, 1.102 pounds (hydro unit)

Total power

25 kW

*conveyors are not included in dimensions and weight specifications


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