Farmed Fish Packing Solution

  • Reduce give-away
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Lower running costs
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Improve product handling


Give less – gain more

The Farmed Fish Packing Solution is a reliable, dynamic system that delivers fast and efficient grading and batching of farmed seabass and seabream into fixed-weight packs. Grading and packing in a single operation keep product handling to a minimum and maintains product quality while reducing labor costs.

The system packs to such an accurate fixed target weight that the increased yield alone ensures a fast return on investment. The integrated Innova software offers instant access to yield results as well as full feedback reporting of the packing and grading process.

Packing process

Whole small fish are fed into the grader individually via a high precision dynamic weighing unit, weighing each piece individually in a continuous stream. Predefined weight grades are directed to the different gates and collected in holding bins. When a batch is completed, the holding bin closes and the next batch is collected.

As a batch is being generated, operators pack fish into boxes on the packing table. The operator pushes the completed box to the takeaway conveyor.


A machine interface, connected to standard PCs and Innova software, manages the entire process, enabling total feedback reporting of the packing and grading process is available in real time.

  • Processes several sizes simultaneously
  • Grading & packing in one operation – reduces labor costs
  • Accurate grading minimizes giveaway & maximizes yield
  • Real-time control & monitoring feedback


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