Portions of constant weight or thickness

  • Portions of constant weight or thickness
  • Camera-vision scanning for accuracy
  • Clean-cut product face, minimal smear and bone chips
  • Up to 500 kg/hour


Frozen portions of constant weight or thickness

The I-Saw applies all of the benefits of camera-vision scanning technology to the cutting of boneless or bone-in frozen meat products. This high-output, automatic portion saw produces portions of constant weight or thickness. It is capable of producing 500 kg (or 1,100 lbs) of product per hour. While it produces maximum yields from its ultra-high-speed band-saw blades, it maintains the weight accuracy of portions. The I-Saw is ideal for cutting pork loins and chops.

How does it work?

The product is manually loaded into one of the six magazines. The magazines rotate and the product is sliced by a horizontal band saw. When operating in constant thickness mode, the I-Saw cuts portions to a thickness set by the operator. In constant weight mode weight control is achieved via camera-vision scanning. The horizontal table incorporates a slot through which the Vision camera measures the area of the front face of the product. The software calculates the slice thickness and the set product density of the loaded product.

  • Camera-vision scanning for accurate weight control
  • Remote service and support
  • Ninety-nine recipe memories allow for quick product changeover
  • Maximum safety: enclosed product and blade


Width: 1200 mm (47 in)
Length: 2760 mm (109 in)
Height: 2300 mm (90 in)
Net weight: 1,650 kg (3637 lbs)



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