MAJA SRAplus 500 Membrane Skinner

Fast, reliable and continuous membrane skinning

  • Increased throughput
  • Operator-independent consistent skinning quality
  • Increased product standardization
  • High profitability–short period of ROI



The MAJA SRAplus 500 is designed for fully automatic membrane skinning of round cuts from pork, such as ham muscles, as well as from beef and veal with a maximum diameter of 90 mm (3.5''). Optimizing standard skinning processes helps to lower staff costs and increase productivity. The patented MAJA technology offers a constant skinning rhythm, high skinning quality and increased product throughput.

For example, about 3,000 kg (6,600 lbs) of pork knuckle can be skinned with excellent results, so that the follow-up quality control is minimal (such as with the manual membrane skinner MAJA EVM 5004).

Fully automatic skinning process

  • The round-shaped cuts reach the skinning process on a synchronized conveyor belt system.
  • To remove the skin from all sides, the cuts are automatically turned.
  • The duration of the skinning process can be programmed individually, depending on the material consistency.
  • After skinning, the cuts are pushed toward the discharge conveyor belt.
  • The removed skin leaves the machine by a lateral discharge belt.

Advantages of full membrane skinning automation

  • Operator-independent yield maximization, even with untrained staff
  • Individually adjustable duration of skinning cycles
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Considerable increase of throughput compared to manual skinning
  • Individual line configuration and integration in processing lines


  • Continuous transport roller cleaning with compressed air to keep the roller free from residual meat particles and membranes 
  • Economic air consumption and low noise level
  • Air filter system included
  • Easy and safe handling of the knife without needing to remove the knife holder for cleaning
  • Easy, fast and tool-free knife changes by quick-locking device
  • Cleaning-friendly, sanitary machine design for optimum hygiene
  • Easy assembly and removal of all parts to be cleaned–saves time while ensuring thorough cleaning and high operational safety
  • Smooth surfaces, easy to clean and with no screws in the food area
  • Machine design without ground plate avoiding dirt accumulation at the base of the machine
  • High standard of safety in accordance with current EU regulations EN 12355 for skinners


  MAJA SRAplus 500
Cutting width 499 mm (20”)
Width of machine
with adjustment handles
1318 mm (52”)
Depth of machine 
with discharge conveyor belt
3225 mm (127”)
Height of machine 1690 mm (67”)
Electrical connection
3AC / 50 Hz / 400 V
2,0 kW (2.68 hp)
Compressed air connection 4 - 6 bar, 3/8” rapid coupling
Weight 750 kg (1650 lbs)


SRAplus 500 Standard product infeed conveyor belt
SRAplus 500 TH With height-adjustable synchronized
infeed conveyor belt with three belt
position for individual integration into
deboning lines


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