MAJA EVMsplit 5006 Combined Membrane Skinner

All meat skinning processes in one machine

  • Special transport roller design for versatility
  • Process optimization
  • One machine for multiple processes
  • Gentle skinning without damage to the product


Versatile application 

The combined desinewing and membrane skinning machine MAJA EVMsplit 5006 is designed for open-top removal of sinew, membrane and fat, especially from bigger cuts of beef and veal, but also from pork and lamb.

Its key attribute is the divided transport roller with two different tooth shapes, offering considerable process optimization. The removal of fat and sinews, which must normally be done by hand, can now be combined with the membrane skinning process, saving time and improving product quality.

The coarse tooth shape removes strong fat and sinews, while the fine tooth shape removes thin membranes.


  • Ergonomic machine structure allowing highly efficient, accurate and power-saving operation for best-possible skinning results
  • No adjustment handles on the machine’s exterior, allowing the operator to stand closer to the processing line for shorter working distance
  • Operation by ergonomic foot pedal
  • No adjustment handles on the machine’s side panels for flexible integration in different work areas within the deboning plant
  • Continuous transport roller cleaning with compressed air to keep the roller free from residual meat particles and membranes 
  • Easy knife change with quick-locking device
  • No removal of the knife holder for cleaning
  • High safety standards 
  • Meets CE regulations EN 12355
  • GS seal of approval for safety, tested by the recognized German body BGN
  • Cleaning-friendly design with smooth surfaces
  • No screws in the food area
  • Subframe without straight surfaces (V-shaped drip edge) and without ground plate to prevent dirt accumulation at the base of the machine


Cutting width 554 mm (22”)
Width of machine 946 mm (37”)
Depth of machine 760 mm (29.9”)
Height of machine 1005 mm (39.6”)
Electrical connection 0,55 kW
Compressed air connection 3/8'' rapid coupling
Machine weight 200 kg (440 lbs)


EVMsplit 5006 Standard execution
EVMsplit 5006 OPS

Equipped with MAJA-OPS for increased operator safety. The operator protection system is unique on the market. It considerably reduces the risk of heavy injuries on the operator’s fingers and hands during the work with open-top MAJA derinding and membrane skinning machines. It offers additional protection over and above the EU safety regulations EN 12355.


Membrane skinning knives 554 x 22 x 0,7 mm
Operator platform Allows easier cleaning of the workplace, comfortable standing in front of the machine and improved ergonomic situation.


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