MAJA-OPS Operator Protection System

A new standard in open-top skinning safety

  • Highest possible risk minimization
  • Considerable reduction of cutting injuries
  • Control unit self-test for maximum reliability
  • Redundant components ensure functional safety.


Cutting-edge operator safety in deboning departments

Employers are now able to offer a highly reliable protection system to skinning machine operators.

The MAJA-OPS considerably reduces the risk of heavy injuries to the operator’s fingers and hands during work with open-top MAJA skinners. It offers additional protection above and beyond the EU safety regulation EN 12355 for skinning machines. The protective function works by stopping the skinning mechanism significantly faster than the normal response time of an operator. 

Proven operator safety

The MAJA-OPS is the only available protection system for open-top skinners that corresponds to the international safety regulation DIN EN ISO 13849 for safety-relevant parts of control units. It has been audited and certified by the recognized German Test and Certification Bodies (Berufsgenossenschaft Nahrungsmittel und Gastgewerbe, Institute for Industrial Safety of the German Accident Insurance DGUV and TÜV, the German Association for Technical Inspection).

What does MAJA-OPS mean for the operator?

  • Highest possible risk minimization of cutting injuries
  • High safety level as the protection system cannot be avoided by the operator
  • Improved process safety
  • Compliance with the functional safety, e.g. by installation of redundant safety components
  • Easy operation without disturbance of the skinning process
  • Comfortable personal protective equipment without hindering the operator 

Function of MAJA-OPS

When working on the skinner, the operator wears electrically conductive sub-gloves, with a second pair of insulating rubber gloves over them. The operator connects themselves to the MAJA-OPS by a cable plug connection.

When the operator puts on the gloves and connects themselves to the machine, this is recognized by the electronic system and the machine is released. Now, the machine leads the operator through a checkup of cable set functions, conductive gloves and control unit. The function analysis is displayed by an indicator LED on the machine housing. The MAJA-OPS is tamper-safe and cannot be avoided by the operator thanks to the control unit self-test.

If an incident occurs during the skinning process and the insulating rubber glove is damaged by the knife, an electrical connection occurs from the conductive sub-glove to the machine. This contact is recognized by the MAJA-OPS, which makes the tooth/transport roller stop immediately and change its rotating direction.



  • Solid spiral cable set allowing easy operator movement, e.g. for changing the skin box
  • Easy connection with two solid plug connections on the machine front
  • Fast and easy connection of the cable set to the conductive sub-gloves
  • Comfortable, electrically conductive sub-gloves
  • Sub-glove material is light and elastic, skin-friendly, emission-tested and corresponds to the guideline for medicine products 93/42/EWG
  • Easy product handling without hindering the workflow
  • Electrically insulated rubber gloves with good grip and a high degree of humidity impermeability
  • Thermo jacket with fixing possibilities for the cable set, with cable channels inside for connection to each hand
  • Easy integration of the cable set into the clothing


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Brochure MAJA-OPS Operator Protection System (English) PDF (0.6MB)
Broschüre MAJA-OPS Bedienerschutzsystem für offene Abschwarter / Entvlieser (Deutsch) PDF (0.7MB)
Information der Berufsgenossenschaft zum Umgang mit offenen Abschwartern / Entvliesern (Deutsch) PDF (0.2MB)
Brochure MAJA EVM membrane skinners (English) PDF (0.6MB)

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