Industry-leading yield with the ultimate product quality

  • Highest capacity oven on the market
  • Up to 6% more yield than comparable ovens
  • Ultimate product consistency and uniformity
  • Unrivaled remote support maximizes up time


The ModularOven is in a class of its own, offering the ultimate level of flexibility and control over the production process. It creates the highest quality products with maximum yield and an unbeatable uniformity.

Maximum product yield

One of the unique features of the ModularOven is that it has two completely separate zones, which allow entirely independent climates to be created and controlled. The ModularOven also has a state-of-the-art air-regulation system, which ensures perfectly even heat distribution and optimal moisture content. Both of these features combine to give up to six per cent more yield than any other comparable oven.

Batch-to-batch product consistency

The air-regulation system also uses high-tech diffusers and multiple temperature sensors per zone to ensure perfectly even heat transfer across all sides of the product. This results in consistent core temperature as well as product uniformity. So you can be confident your products will be highly consistent from batch to batch, regardless the belt load.

Highest capacity on the market

The oven’s spiral belt design has the largest diameter available. In just six tiers, the oven has 163 meters of belt length, 90 square meters of belt surface, making it the first choice for industry-leading processors around the world.

Unrivaled remote assistance

With remote support, we can provide instant help to resolve many of the common issues that keep your oven from running optimally. We can also provide insight into equipment status to help you perform better preventative maintenance. This decreases unexpected downtime and its impact on your production line’s Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Supporting you with knowledge and expertise

We have over 30 years’ experience in heating technology. Our large group of expert technologists can provide all the support you need to achieve maximum product yield and get the best possible results from your oven.


Innova software ensures food safety

Our innovative Innova Food Processing Software monitors and controls the production process, such as temperature, dew point and dwell time. It collects data and creates reports to give you a clear overview of production and where improvements can be made. With Innova you can take away the guesswork and make data driven decisions to optimize your production and ensure products meet the most stringent food safety standards.


Marel offers a range of service solutions to prevent failures, maximize performance or in case of unexpected breakdowns remote or onsite assistance.

Marel has offices in 30 countries across all regions, and a global network of highly skilled professionals that provide remote as well as onsite service support. We provide quality spare parts and customized service agreements for our customers to ensure optimal performance of Marel equipment.

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