Intelligent beef deboning and trimming with real-time performance monitoring

  • Superior quality control with real-time performance monitoring
  • Efficient operations optimize trim yield
  • Increased knife in meat time
  • Maximized production value with real-time data


StreamLine for deboning and trimming

The StreamLine for deboning and trimming increases knife in meat time, monitors operator performance and provides complete production control and tracking of each part of the animal, from breakup to packing.

Produce according to customer demand

Various end-product specifications can be configured in the system, giving operators the ability to perform cutting and trimming requirements according to the customer specifications. The StreamLine can be configured for a variety of deboning and trimming applications and allows processors to cater to different customer specifications.

Automated instructions

Upon entering the StreamLine, the primals are distributed to workstations, based on operator availability. The primals are deboned, split and trimmed according to individual product specifications and orders. When the meat arrives at an operator’s workstation, the station display is automatically updated, showing the type and operation to be performed. All primals can be fully traceable down to the specific carcass and operator.

Real-time monitoring

Innova is the heart of the StreamLine system. With Innova built in, managers can receive data on key performance indicators such as yields, throughput and efficiency, giveaway, quality, and profitability. The built-in traceability mechanism ensures all product information is automatically registered throughout the entire deboning and trimming process.

Standard yield and throughput results are stored in the system for all tasks. Operators are monitored in real time on their performance, which they can check themselves at all times.

Inspection procedures can be configured in the system for all products. The system guides products to operator stations identified as quality control stations. Defects are identified, optionally valued, and a notification given online to the operator that caused the defect.

Who is it for?

The StreamLine for deboning and trimming is an ideal solution for small to large size beef processors looking to improve the efficiency and value of their production by making more informed decisions.


  • Automatic product transport to and from operators
  • Automatic data registration
  • Full production reports on all process steps
  • Real-time and historical data for each operator and production lot

StreamLine for trimming

The StreamLine for trimming is an unparalleled intelligent and easy-to-use plug-and-play trimming line that increases profit, throughput and yield of valuable cuts. With exceptional control over their trimming, meat processors experience maximized efficiency and knife time and minimized cost of conversion and labor.

Trimming intelligence

The easy-to-use system can be configured to various end-products, including PAD, according to customer specifications. Individual primals are distributed via a conveyor belt to an available operator’s workstation, where detailed trimming instructions are displayed on a monitor and operations carried out. The compact system construction and optimized workstation design provide more efficiency and operator comfort.

Improving production with data

Innova provides full traceability and valuable data on key performance indicators such as yield, throughput, and quality. By monitoring individual performance, management can make the necessary adjustments to maximize the value of their production and operators are motivated to perform at their best.

Who is it for?

With its small footprint and ergonomic design, the StreamLine for trimming is an ideal intelligent solution for beef processors of all sizes that are trimming primals to customer specification.


  • Simplified operations for optimized trim yield and quality control
  • Efficient and intelligent trimming
  • Compact and ergonomic system design
  • Maximized production value with real-time data


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