Swine Scalding Tank on Air Conveyors

Scalding system by water immersion, with movements performed by air conveyor

  • Uniformity and great scalding quality
  • Settable temperature and scalding time
  • Protected mobile parts ensure greater safety for operators
  • Allows shorter time between scalding and hair removal, avoiding cooling the swine


Swine Scalding Tanks perform this process in a safe and hygienic way, thanks to the protections attached on its moving parts and its hygienic design, which facilitates the cleaning of the equipment. Its excellent scalding quality is due to the process being performed by immersing the swine in hot water while it is being moved by the Air Conveyor. 

The equipment is specially designed to avoid the fall of swine in the tank, and to obtain maximum uniformity in the swine temperature. To achieve these goals, the tank has a time and temperature control system, making the process adjustable according to the customer's needs. At the end of the process, the scalded pig is automatically transported to the hair removal. 


  • Temperature control system
  • Automatic water supply
  • It allows a shorter time between the scalding and the hair removal, avoiding the cooling of the swine
  • It has openings and access hatches near the bottom of the tank to facilitate the hygiene of the equipment
  • It has water heating in a separate compartment through steam injection, avoiding injuries caused by burning on the swine
  • It is specially designed to avoid the fall of pigs in the tank, and to obtain maximum uniformity of temperature


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