Marel will be exhibiting at VIETFISH (Vietnam Fisheries International Exhibition) this year, with a focus on how Marel equipment and software solutions help fish processors optimize yield and quality.
Marel will be represented at the exhibition by a team of experts who will run live demonstrations of our equipment. This year, the Marel stand is featuring the TargetBatcher, Hopper Scales, and Innova Software Solutions for Manual Trimming.
The Marel TargetBatcher is the easy way to reduce giveaway, combining a pre-determined number of fresh or frozen products into a package of exact weight. With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins, the TargetBatcher selects the best combination of products in a fraction of a second.
Food items ideally batched with the TargetBatcher include tuna steaks, shell-on tiger prawns, spare ribs, cutlets and whole chicken legs.
Marel Hopper Scales are designed for weighing a continuous product flow into batches for packing and other purposes. The Hopper scales are designed for integration with Innova Software Solutions, which control and monitor every step of the production process.
The Innova Trimming module controls and monitors flow lines and manual trimming lines in real time. The system records the amount of raw material delivered to individual trimmers and the quantity of product produced by each trimmer, allowing processors to monitor throughput, yield, and product mix for individual trimmers.
The VIETFISH exhibition is renowned all over the world and is the most extensive fish industry exhibition held in Vietnam.


Start date:
6 Aug 2014

End date:
8 Aug 2014

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Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

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