Atlanta 2016: best IPPE ever

IPPE 2016

The International Production & Processing Expo, held 26-28 January in Atlanta, USA, turned out to be the best visited IPPE ever with more than 30,000 attendees.

To Marel Stork Poultry Processing, it was also a very successful event. Existing customers as well as newly interested people from the industry found their way to our stand en masse. All of them showed a large interest in the various I-Cut cutting systems, the brand new SingleFeed singulator and the automated turkey processing solutions. Seriously interested parties also gathered to be informed about the Innova software solutions, the RoboBatcher Flex, the LegPositioner and of course the AeroScalder which made its first appearance in the US.

Last but not least, the Sensor X deboning system attracted a lot of attention, thanks to the celebration of the sale of the 500th SensorX to poultry processor Mountaire Farms during the second day of the event. 

IPPE 2016

At our booth, the highly appreciated show kitchen, run by chef Jacques Roosenbrand, prepared several end products of all Marel's industries, such as pork belly, marinated chicken, nuggets, sausages and bacon.

During the IPPE Marel Stork also hosted a well visited evening event in the Marriott Marquis Atlanta. The Loft was crowded with people, allowing customers and sales people to meet in a relaxed setting and strengthening valuable relationships.

This fruitful IPPE edition underlined once again Marel Stork's passion for innovation and for our customers.