Belgrankorm Starts New Era

11 Jun 2013

Last week Belgrankorm’s new 12.000 bph. greenfield project in Rakitnoe (Belgorod region, Russia) was commissioned successfully. This top of the line broiler processing plant is equipped completely on the basis of the Stork Poultry Processing Fresh Concept.
BelgrankormWith an initial processing capacity of 12,000 bph Belgrankorm is able to service the fresh market as far as Vladivostok. Belgrankorm’s Rakitnoe II plant is the first poultry processing plant in Russia focusing completely on fresh poultry products. It is the new benchmark for the whole Russian federation.

Fresh Concept

Poultry processors in Russia are focusing increasingly on the fresh market. The Stork Poultry Processing Fresh Concept is a suitable solution to support this development. It comprises the proven combination of CAS Multiphase stunning, electro-stimulation (RapidRigor), the unique Downflow “Plus” chilling technology and maturation chilling. It makes for a fresh product, suitably presented with optimum tenderness and maximum shelf life, but without the typical unfavorable weight loss known from standard chilling tunnels.

Stork Multiphase Controlled Atmosphere Stunner (CAS)

First Multiphase CAS in Russia

In addition to the fresh concept, Marel Stork has realized for Belgrankorm a completely integrated solution, from the Stork GP live bird handling system and the very first operational Stork Multiphase CAS (Controlled Atmosphere Stunning) installation in Russia, up to and including fully automatic cut-up and filleting solutions. The in-line grading and batching equipment and the “end of line” solutions, such as the Marel Weigh Price Labelers, finish the job.

Optimized shelf life

At Belgrankorm the different steps in the process are supported plant-wide by a combination of PDS-NT and Innova. All product flows are completely traceable and controllable in this state of the art plant. Belgrankorm Rakitnoe II represents the beginning of a new era in poultry processing in Russia. The fresh concept worked out to the last detail makes for top shelf life and export opportunities for fresh product.