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27 Oct 2014

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Sneha Fresh Chicken and Marel Stork Poultry Processing will build a highly automated broiler processing plant in Hyderabad with an initial capacity of 6,000 broilers per hour. The plant will be expandable to a capacity of 12,000 broilers per hour and incorporates the latest state Marel Stork Poultry Processing technology. Sneha is well prepared to grow along with the fast developing Indian poultry processing market.

Sneha teams up with Marel Stork
From left to right: Prabhudhan Reddy – General Manager, Sales, Erik Talens – Area Sales Manager Marel Stork, D. Ram Reddy – Managing Director, owner, D. Varun Reddy – Director, son of D. Ram Reddy.

Sneha Fresh Chicken will provide the Hyderabad region with a wide selection of high quality fresh and frozen poultry products, whole broilers, various cuts and filet products. The products meet the highest international standards and will mainly find their way to demanding consumers in hotels, restaurants and quick service outlets in and around Hyderabad.

Top quality automated evisceration and giblet processing

The Greenfield project incorporates various solutions for high speed automatic evisceration and giblet processing and includes the first Stork VO-20 RS opening machine, the first Stork Nuova 24 evisceration system and the first system for automated feet processing for India.

Top quality, automated grading

Quality grading is also automated with a combination of the newest IRIS and SmartWeigher. The Stork IRIS vision system incorporates the very latest in image capture and data processing techniques. It will be used to grade both the whole product and its anatomic portions. This helps avoid incorrect grading and costly unnecessary downgrades. The well-regarded and virtually maintenance-free SmartWeigher weighs whole products very accurately, even at the highest possible processing speeds. Every product is put into its most profitable form.

Fully flexible, automated cut-up and deboning

Changes in the Indian poultry processing market have also made room for a fully flexible, automated cut-up and deboning solution. With the ACM-NT cut-up system and the AMF-BX FlexControl breast deboning system from Marel Stork, Sneha Fresh Chicken will produce a large variety of top quality products. The company can be highly flexible and anticipate pro-actively customer demands and changing trends.

Production will be monitored and controlled overall via the modular PDS-NT Management Control software.

Sneha teams up with Marel Stork

More about Sneha Fresh Chicken

In India the Sneha Group is a well-known company. It is a large agricultural integration owned by the Reddy family and already known for its feed and poultry production operations. The Company will now start processing broilers right in the middle of one of India’s many metropolitan markets, Hyderabad. The region is known for its technology sector and like many regions in India is undergoing rapid change.

In India, the wet market still represents around 95% of all poultry production. The new processing plant will, when fully operational, give a large boost to local and regional industrial poultry processing capacity. Sneha Fresh Chicken and Marel Stork are teaming up for a great future.

More about Marel Stork Poultry Processing

With the most complete product range and the largest installed base worldwide Marel Stork Poultry Processing offers modular in-line poultry processing solutions for all process steps and all processing capacities, with a strong focus on innovative technologies.

Marel Stork offers a wide range of integrated solutions, right up to complete processing plants, including: live bird supply to scalding and defeathering, evisceration and giblet processing, automatic quality grading, chilling, cut-up, deboning and fillet handling, marinating and portioning, further processing, weighing, grading, batching and labeling, production control software and spare parts & preventive maintenance programs.

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