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Developments in the Russian Poultry Market

07 Mar 2012

Velskaya Poultry Factory becomes a leader in the fresh market

With increasing poultry consumption and changing consumer preferences, falling poultry imports and increased export potential, the boosting of Russian poultry production is a fact. We see up-scaling, increasing automation, more end product possibilities, the striving for higher efficiency and better quality as developments which are currently being addressed.


Project meeting at Velskaya
Project meeting at Velskaya


A perfect example of a company that is part of this growth is Velskaya Poultry Factory. Together with Marel Stork Poultry Processing they increased their production and product quality: in one year their production increased almost fivefold. The next improvement phase focuses on the introduction of automated grading, efficient in-plant logistics and implementing an automated cut-up department.

Improved evisceration and cooling, higher production
In the first phase of the improvement process Miss Oxana Lukinyuk and her staff, together with Stork Poultry Processing, saw the focus needed to be on improving the evisceration department and on updating the entire cooling installation. A full Downflow+ line was installed, leading to a significant improvement in product quality. At the same time, production was scaled up from 4,000 bph to 6,000 bph. The Stork Nuova eviscerating system, together with the Stork VOC (combined vent cutter and opening machine) now form the heart of a perfect evisceration process, enabling Velskaya to conquer the fresh market.

“The Russian consumer was traditionally used to frozen chicken. It is now possible to offer a continuous supply of really good, fresh chicken – Russian chicken. Stork Poultry Processing’s knowledge and technology make it easy for Russian processors to optimize product shelf life, which is a crucial parameter when producing fresh product. The various solutions for chilling products quickly in-line combine production efficiency with excellent yield control.”

Miss. Lukinyuk continues: “We are now a large, stable and strong company marketing quality products everyone knows and wants to have. We are positioning ourselves more and more as a producer of top class fresh products. To reach our growth and quality targets, we work closely together with Stork Poultry Processing. They have the right experience and knowledge in poultry meat processing and deliver the quality equipment we need, especially for our fresh concept."

New phase: Opting for more portioning possibilities
In Russia, the market for portioned and de-boned products is growing. This leads to opportunities for adding more processing value as well as selling whole products. Like many processors Velskaya is also experiencing this increasing demand. Oxana Lukinyuk explains: "We now produce about 50% whole broilers, and 50% cut up products. This is shifting: consumers demand more and more portioned chicken. Within a few years the ratio will move to 70% cut-up products. For that change we need a high yield cut-up system with optimum flexibility.”

"Trust and growing together”
Velskaya is continuously striving to improve quality and incorporate new developments and Marel Stork Poultry Processing, with its strong innovative character, is just the right partner to make this happen. The common goal is therefore to build a lasting relationship and to work in partnership. Miss Oxana Lukinyuk says: "To me the most important word is trust. We trust Stork Poultry Processing and are convinced of the quality of their equipment. Besides that, Stork employees are very pleasant to work with, are easily accessible, respond quickly and are very knowledgeable. They always find the right solution. We are working together toward a great future.”

Marel Stork Poultry Processing: Your partner for all technologies
Marel Stork Poultry Processing is known around the world as a full-line supplier of high-quality solutions for the processing of broilers, turkeys and ducks. We offer solutions for all process steps, all required production capacities and all levels of automation. Together with our highly valued customers, we work daily on solutions making it possible to achieve the very best, tailor-made to the requirements and circumstances of the customer. Marel Stork Poultry Processing has operated in Russia for many years – tangible proof of the success and enthusiasm with which the company is able to make its contribution to the development of the Russian poultry market.

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Velskaya Poultry Factory: a leader in the fresh market
This year the Velskaya Poultry Factory, which employs over 500 workers and has a line speed of 6,000 bph, will produce approximately 22,000 tons of a variety of poultry products. Choosing Stork Poultry Processing in 2010 was the start of a period of growth. Both the quantity and quality of Velskaya’s production have increased enormously. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Miss Oxana Lukinyuk Velskaya is continuously investing in increasing the Company’s production. In the space of just one year Velskaya has become one of North-West Russia’s leading poultry processors for the fresh market.