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Food Safety as a Key Performance Indicator

10 Apr 2012

Whether you are producing product for further processing or consumers, the goal is producing the highest quality products in every aspect for your customers, including meeting the demands for stringent food safety. For each stage in the process and every capacity level, Marel Stork Poultry Processing offers the most efficient, reliable and profitable solution to positively and directly enhance the traceability, overall quality and value of your products.

From the farm to the chiller, from the chiller to your dock – knowing where components came from and where they are now gives you the peace of mind that comes from process control. Innova, the intelligent production control software, covers the complete value chain in the production cycle, from reception of supplies to product dispatch, providing all key performance indicators (KPIs) for each stage and traceability from door to door. Couple Innova with PDS-NT, an intelligent production control and information system for Stork equipment, and you get integrated flock tracking, live bird container weighing, camera grading and in-line weighing and fixed weight batching. Every bird, every product, every day – you are in control of your production.


A key component of food safety for modern poultry processors is taking care to keep bones and other foreign materials out of the end product. The SensorX commonly achieves a 99% detection rate on calcified bones larger than 2mm, with false positives below 3%.
 “The SensorX is very important to us in terms of reducing risk and improving quality,” says a Marel Stork customer. “It is now a key part of our entire quality process and it helps to prevent against claims. And as an added benefit, it is user-friendly.”
What if you could take grading to a new level, monitoring both quality and weight? The AQS-NT accurate in-line ‘ vision based’ quality grading system gathers data on anatomic parts for quality assessment and process control to determine the optimum destination for each product. AQS-NT can be used for different functions at different locations in the poultry processing line; grading the quality of birds supplied and aiding veterinary inspection, grading whole birds and anatomic portions in the distribution and/or portioning lines and selecting whole birds.

Human hands touching your products is a risk for cross contamination between broilers.  Marel Stork has automated systems for every process from live bird receiving through weighing and packing to not only take the potential contamination factor from your manual processes but also the possibility for human error affecting quality and yields.
Just a few highlights…

  • With good evisceration you safeguard the quality of your end products. Marel Stork evisceration equipment, from vent cutting through actual evisceration itself up to final inspection and cleaning of the carcass, offers the highest possible yields and hygiene standards available in the industry.
  • A good cut-up system is flexible, accurate and gives you high yields. Marel Stork’s high performance cut-up solutions are just as flexible as you need them to be. With its numerous module options, the cut-up system offers almost limitless layout and production flexibility, regardless of your processing capacity while reducing the need for human contact with the products.
  • Good deboning is all about high yields, high quality and safe end products. To that, Marel Stork adds limitless versatility in the end products possible and the processing of valuable by products. Thanks to technical and technological refinements, the number of end product options has become ever larger, the number of manual operations fewer and the cuts possible more complex. As a result, the system’s yield has kept on increasing.
  • Marel Stork continues to provide a wide variety of freezing solutions using the latest advancements in freezing technology in order to meet the food processing industry’s demands for higher quality end-products. Rapid and uniform freezing ensures a food safe product. Our continuous innovation in freezing technology has enabled us to constantly develop new space-saving, energy efficient and more importantly, cost-effective freezing concepts which allows you to focus on what matters the most – maximizing your profit potential.

Food safety is a key performance indicator, just as much as yield, quality and throughputs. It is Marel Stork Poultry Processing’s philosophy to deliver hygienic equipment and systems that provide you the highest possible value and return for your investment while meeting all your KPIs.

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