Innova Overall Equipment Effectiveness

26 Oct 2015

The new Innova OEE module calculates Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and provides fish processors with detailed information about the performance of their processes. This enables them to easily identify opportunities for improvement and quickly implement corrective actions.


There are many reasons why processing machinery doesn’t always run at 100 per cent. Stoppages, running at reduced speed, or producing products outside the machine’s specifications are among the possible reasons machinery might not be operating effectively at full capacity.

But in order to improve performance it’s important to know precisely what is hindering performance.

The Innova OEE module helps you determine and understand the exact reason for any reduction in efficiency so that you can improve your processes, by providing you with all the necessary data to identify inefficiencies.

The software provides OEE figures and collects real-time data about process performance. It compiles performance profiles which include detailed figures for breaks, quality losses etc. It also presents key figures that show, for example:

  • Availability – potential vs actual production time
  • Performance – theoretical output vs actual output
  • Quality – the number of products produced to specification vs rejected products
  • Data can also be compiled for multiple lines, in order to easily spot performance differences.



Most importantly, the Innova OEE module presents data in the form of easy to interpret charts and graphs so that you can see at a glance how everything is running.

Any improvements required are highly visible and easy to understand. The full report suite and analysis tool make it possible to quickly identify and address the cause of costly production losses.


Innova OEE enables you to respond quickly if production is running inefficiently by capturing real-time data which can then be acted on immediately. The software identifies the reasons for stops or losses, then registers the details, which allow you to conduct an evaluation.

Corrective actions can then be implemented immediately in order to improve equipment effectiveness.

Once corrective actions have been initiated, the software tracks the effect of the improvements and quickly identifies whether the expected outcome has been achieved.

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