Marel awarded for leading innovation in the fishing industry

Marel has been awarded second place in the 2013 Aqua-Nor Innovation Awards at an award ceremony held 13 August in Trondheim, Norway, in conjunction with the 2013 Aqua-Nor exhibition. In first place was Beck Engineering AS for its impressive system for the gentle removal of lice.

Marel was nominated for the award for its recently launched Portioning and Robot Loading Solution which was developed in partnership with and installed at Norwegian salmon processor Nordlaks Produkter AS.

The innovative solution automates the process of portioning and loading fixed weight salmon portions into retail packs and enables a seamless flow of salmon portions without manual handling. A robot places the fish pieces directly in the packaging and the system reduces labor costs by up to 20% compared to manual operations.

Marel is giving the 10,000 NOK prize money to Nordlaks and their employees' welfare organization in recognition of their active role in the development of the Portioning and Robot Loading Solution - a very productive partnership.

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