Nichols Poultry wins ‘We ♥ processing’ photo contest

27 Jun 2014

As part of the launch of their campaign ‘We ♥ processing’ Marel Stork Poultry Processing recently held a photo-contest. Customers and friends in the poultry processing industry were challenged to take a picture of the ‘We ♥ processing’ sticker. Nichols Poultry in Sassafras (Tasmania, Australia) won the first prize, an iPad mini, with their contribution.

Nichols Poultry

The picture shows the sticker ‘We ♥ processing’ brought to great heights on the Nichols wind turbine. The company’s turbine helps to reduce the carbon footprint of the Tasmanian poultry processor. Like Marel Stork, Nichols Poultry has a passion for poultry processing.

Anton de Weerd, Managing Director of Marel Stork, says: “We connect to poultry processing, connect to our friends and customers, and we do it with our heart. ‘We ♥ processing’ expresses our passion for poultry processing that we share with the poultry processing industry. We, Marel Stork, are a group of enthusiastic, passionate people developing processing solutions with respect for animal welfare, our world and always with the success of our customers and the health of the consumers in mind. You can easily say that being innovative, being passionate about processing, is part of our DNA. With ‘We ♥ processing’ we want to send a smile to the industry, we radiate passion and are confident about the future.”

‘We ♥ processing’ on social media

The latest Marel Stork campaign was launched this spring, prior to the VIV Europe tradeshow. Some examples of pictures can be seen can on:

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Nichols Poultry