Spanish giant UVE, S.A. reflects on Marel Stork relationship

27 Mar 2015

Uvesa and Marel Stork
From left to right: Alberto Ibarra – Production Manager of the UVE, S.A. Tudela plant, Pedro Sieso – Director of the UVE, S.A. Tudela plant, Harm ter Heerdt – Area Sales Manager Marel Stork, D. Antonio Sánchez Sánchez – President of the UVE, S.A. group, Mark Gerritsen – General & Service Manager, Marel South Europe, Nacho Burgaleta – Maintenance Manager of the UVE, S.A. Tudela plant.

In 50 years UVE, S.A. has grown from a small company founded by a group of veterinarians, into a completely vertically integrated group of companies. With a turnover of around € 300 million in 2013 it is the second largest poultry processor in Spain.

In Tudela (Spain), home to UVE, S.A.’s headquarters and its most modern production location, some 1,300 people will this year produce around 127,000 tons of high quality poultry products. The Tudela plant (2008) is completely equipped with Marel Stork Poultry Processing equipment, from live bird handling, CAS Multiphase stunning, evisceration and automatic giblet processing, air chilling to cut-up and automatic deboning.

Marel Stork is the leader in technology. If we have a challenge, we get a solution, not just a machine. We look for interaction, for partnership.
– Pedro Sieso, Director of the UVE, S.A. Tudela plant.

It produces a wide variety of fresh and frozen poultry products: whole broilers, a wide variety of parts, bone-in and deboned breast fillet products, carcasses, giblets, as well as patties, sausages, meat balls etc.
As UVE, S.A.’s slogan says, there are “a thousand ways to eat healthily”, referring to UVE, S.A.’s mission of providing consumers with versatile, healthy, safe and tasty poultry products.

UVE, S.A. poultry products

“We stay ahead with the best technology”

UVE, S.A. believes that the production of high quality products requires efficient and effective processes and equipment. Pedro Sieso, Director of the Tudela plant, says, “We have chosen innovative processing equipment, the very best technology. It enables us to produce the best products in the best possible way.

We look for fast answers, because developments and consumer preferences change faster these days. People want to spend less time on cooking.

The traditional consumer role has changed. We support this new environment with new safe and sustainable products, new innovative packing and different presentation methods. We adapt to a changing society and must provide solutions for these needs, always stay one step ahead, together with our clients and providers.”

Leader in technology

UVE, S.A. knows how to produce good and safe products. The Company controls the whole production chain: “We buy cereals to produce feed for our animals, which we raise ourselves, looking after their welfare. We transfer them into poultry products that we sell via different channels: retailers, supermarkets, wholesale and catering companies, in Spain and abroad. We want to be market leader in many areas: in making safe, high quality, attractive and affordable poultry products, in controlling our process, in satisfying our customers’ customers, in taking care of our animals, the environment, and in being a good employer.”
“To make all that happen we also need a leading provider, a leader in technology. Marel Stork is that leader. If we have a challenge, we get a solution, not just a machine. We look for interaction, for partnership.”

“Personal approach is the magic factor”

The relation between Marel Stork and UVE, S.A. has been growing over the last few years. UVE, S.A. has contact with Marel Stork in Boxmeer (the Netherlands) and with the local office in Spain.

“To us the local Spanish office is of great value. The people there speak our language, understand the local market needs perfectly and know our plant. They do not just sell spare parts, they solve problems. We know that when a maintenance engineer or specialist is needed we can count on them. Our relationship is good. The very personal approach is the magic factor in the relationship with Marel Stork.”

Uvesa and Marel Stork

“Consumers enable us to grow, to improve”

Last spring, a delegation from UVE, S.A. visited VIV Europe and a reference plant. The goal was to get to know the latest developments in technology. At VIV Europe, Marel Stork presented over ten innovative solutions. “It is good that we could experience the latest developments live and discuss their added value. It helps us to get ideas of what is possible now and what could be possible in the future. We must understand that through our products we are part of the daily lives of many people. This is a big responsibility we share. The consumers enable us to grow, to improve.”

The day after VIV the UVE, S.A. delegation visited Esbro (Wehl, the Netherlands). The 13,500 bph (225 bpm) plant houses many of Marel Stork’s innovative solutions. They commented that the visit to the reference plant was great, very interesting: “It proves in practice how lines run. The warm reception and lively discussion were great. We are committed to good results. This high speed solution we saw gave us inspiration for the future.”

UVE, S.A. Tudela plant

Last year UVE, S.A. celebrated its 50th anniversary in Tudela, home to the Company’s headquarters. In the company of many guests, UVE, S.A. looked back over its heritage of five decades of successful growth. The building of a new hatchery in Tudela has been announced. This latest investment will contribute towards the next phase in UVE, S.A.’s successful growth. Marel Stork is grateful to be able to support that growth.

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