Successful Presence at VIV Turkey

18 Jun 2013

The VIV Turkey, held in Istanbul, was successful for Marel Stork Poultry Processing. Several innovative solutions were on display and a few projects were confirmed during the three day event.

Marel Stork at VIV Turkey, Istanbul

With the theme ‘100% innovation’ Marel Stork Poultry Processing confirmed its position as innovative technology leader in the global poultry processing industry.

At the 100 square meter stand the awarded innovative AeroScalder got the deserved attention of the many visitors. Recent installations in the Turkish poultry processing market make the system a popular novelty in the region.


Other products on display were TrayTrack and the SensorX. TrayTrack is the new concept for the automatic in-line distribution of filled trays to multiple tray sealing/wrapping lines. It consists of an overhead conveyor with tray carriers, automatic tray loading and unloading stations. The labor saving solution makes best use of automatic sealing/wrapping and labeling equipment and allows tray packing and tray sealing and labeling to be done in separate areas.


Marel Stork at VIV Turkey, Istanbul

A third highlight on VIV Turkey was the live demonstration of the SensorX. This well known bone detection system automatically finds bones and other foreign objects in poultry meat using advanced X-ray technology. Product with bone is rejected to a workstation with a display showing the precise location of the bone. The bone (or other contaminant) is removed by the operator before the product is re-scanned for added safety.

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Growing together

Together with Turkish partner Feyzi AS, Marel Stork has a long presence in the Turkish poultry processing market. Rob Noteboom, area sales manager for Marel Stork says:

Although this was not the busiest VIV Turkey, it was very successful for us. We spoke to all our good friends from the Turkish poultry processing market and I want to thank them for visiting us. Again we presented various interesting and profitable poultry processing solutions. We managed to confirm various projects and we look forward to further support the interesting developments in this ever evolving market. I’m convinced we will grow together.