Superior Salmon Filleting

16 Aug 2016

The MS 2730 Filleting Machine has proven itself as one of the most advanced salmon filleting machines on the market today, and more than 100 have been installed in all sizes of salmon processing facilities in 21 countries around the globe since it was launched in 2012.

The MS 2730 takes salmon filleting to a new level in terms of yield, throughput, and automation. Capable of filleting up to 25 fish per minute, it comes with automatic adjustment for a variety of sizes from 1,5 to 8 kg.

Marel has recently introduced two groundbreaking new features to the filleting machine: back and belly trimming. Including trimming functions in a filleting machine is unique and saves on labor costs by further reducing the need for manual trimming.

The MS 2730 makes filleting fast and easy by having fish placed belly-down at the in-feed. A set of circular knives cuts the fish from gut to tail, producing additional yield by including the meat close to the center bone in the fillets.

The end result is high-quality fillets with improved yield and increased throughput. The unit’s user-friendly multilingual touch screen makes operation extremely easy, providing maximum safety for the operator and reducing downtime arising from mechanical issues.

Programs can be stored and used for specific fish sizes, or the machine can perform at a high level by using the automatic size adjustment feature.

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