End of Sale (EOS)
The EOS is the final day to order the product, which will no longer be offered for sale from that date.

End of Full Service (EOFS)
EOFS means that the product will only be supported on a best-effort basis, for example support only provided during office hours, longer response time, reduced or limited availability of spare parts, retrofit or upgrade kits might be necessary. Software maintenance, including new functionality or improvements, is limited to a best-effort basis, both for applications and embedded software. After EOFS has been announced, customers are strongly advised to upgrade to a new replacement product.

End of Life (EOL)
EOL means that the product life cycle has come to an end and the product is now obsolete. Once obsolete, the product will not be supported, which means spare parts, retrofit or upgrade kits are no longer available. Existing inventory may sometimes be kept and sold, but will not be replenished.

Service Agreement
A Service Agreement is a contract between a customer and Marel as a service provider, in which the level of service is formally defined for either software and/or hardware products. Typically, a Service Agreement is valid for one year.

Physical components and electronic circuitry.
Software Specific collection of application programs or components developed, sold or licensed by Marel.

Product encompasses all merchandise manufactured or supplied to external customers by Marel, including hardware and software.

Product Lifecycle
The period from when a product is first released for sale, to when it reaches EOL.