Farmed Salmon & Trout

With several decades’ experience serving the needs of processors worldwide, Marel provides the salmon industry, wild and farmed, with the latest technology in advanced equipment and integrated solutions for use in every stage of the processing value chain.

Whatever the scale or nature of your operation in this rapidly growing sector and whether your business is whole fish, fillets or both, we have the solution to suit your every requirement for increased efficiency, higher yields, better quality, and full traceability from source to shelf.

Designed in close consultation with our customers, our solutions include standalone equipment for a wide range of applications to fully integrated turnkey production systems, while our unique Innova software places control firmly where it matters, firmly in the hands of the user.

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Desliming & Rinsing

Deslimer CT 1612.10

Deslimer CT 1612.10

Deslimer for rinsing off slime, blood and bacteria from salmon and trout before processing.