Poultry ShowHow

Second Poultry ShowHow / Progress Point, Copenhagen Denmark, 9th of November 2017

Thursday November 9th, Marel Poultry will organize its biennial Poultry ShowHow in the Progress Point event hall in Copenhagen, Denmark. This invitation-only event for customers is the logical follow-up after the success of the first Poultry ShowHow in 2015.

Poultry ShowHow

Live equipment

At the Poultry ShowHow, Marel Poultry will address the latest trends in poultry processing, which can add even more value to the processor’s operations. This will be demonstrated by means of running live equipment and real products.


NOVEMBER 9th 2017

Motivational speakers

The Poultry ShowHow program will also feature multiple very interesting lectures by internal and external leading experts in their fields, who will address topical subjects, always related to the processors’ personal situations.

Social get-together

This event is the ultimate occasion for processors to dig deeper into the matter and discuss their individual processing issues with Marel Poultry’s experts, who are available for the invitees the entire day.

This once-in-two-years premium demo event allows Marel Poultry customers from all over the world to meet in an interactive setting which will also give way to social get-togethers. The opportunities of this event to exchange thoughts with colleagues, partners and specialists may not be underestimated.



Start date:
9 Nov 2017

End date:
9 Nov 2017

Copenhagen, Denmark