Springsnow starts further processing

Two 1000 mm convenience lines offer great flexibility and product variety

Springsnow Products

The Chinese poultry processor Springsnow Food Group is starting out on a comprehensive further processing venture. The company needs to produce substantial volumes of convenience food products and has therefore installed two complete Marel convenience food production lines, from meat preparation to cooking and frying.

The Springsnow Food Group is now focusing on the further processing of chicken products, illustrated by the company’s new smart factory, with an annual output of 40,000 tons. Marel has equipped the new factory with two 1000 mm further processing production lines, including meat preparation, coating, frying and cooking equipment. Being able to produce four types of product is crucial to Springsnow: fully cooked coated chicken breast strips, tatsutaage karaage, breaded 120 gr [4.2 oz] breast fillets and thigh meat karaage.

The entire line can be easily reconfigured with a flick of the wrist

A wider product variety

Each of the two identical 1000 mm convenience lines boasts an Active Flour Applicator, Active Batter Applicator, Active Tempura Applicator and two Active Mixers. RevoBreader then follows to combine flatbed and drum coating for the production of traditional coated products and homestyle coatings. With its ability to switch between coating modes, RevoBreader offers Springsnow more line flexibility, a wider range of options to meet their customers’ product requirements. The entire convenience food line can be easily reconfigured with a flick of the wrist. By taking out or adding modules, it is possible to create an even wider variety of convenience products. For that reason, Springsnow also has a RevoCrumb system available, to be put in line when crumb management needs extra attention.

Revobreader In Action

Frying and cooking

Once the coating process is over, a Marel GoldFryer, also with a 1000 mm wide belt, stands ready to fry the products. It performs its task consistently, delivering uniform, high-quality fried products. The GoldFryer fixates the coating, giving convenience products an appealing, golden crispy finish and delightful taste, also extending their shelf life. Springsnow Food has also installed the ModularOven, Marel’s modular double-spiral steamer and oven. The unique modular design concept of this machine can truly separate Springsnow’s process into two independent cooking areas. For each area, the operators can set the required temperature and humidity independently, in line with the different product characteristics required by Springsnow’s customers. In this way, two independent steaming and cooking processes can be run simultaneously.

Long-term cooperation

The two extensive convenience food lines aim not only to deliver top-quality products with excellent taste, which fully meet customer requirements, but also to increase Springsnow’s product yield. The collaboration of Springsnow, a prominent player in the Chinese food industry, and Marel have brought results that extend beyond poultry processing. Both parties consider this project to be a cornerstone of their long-term strategic partnership, which will involve further collaboration in product innovation and market development endeavors.

Springsnow Factory3

About Springsnow

Springsnow Food Group was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Laiyang, Shandong province, China. Springsnow is one of the first broiler processing enterprises in China to have a full industrial chain and has a pivotal influential position in the industry. The group specializes in the R&D, the processing and sale of white feather chicken products and employs about 3,700 people in total. It owns two major brands, Springsnow Food and Shangxian. Springsnow supplies the Family Mart stores, JD.com and Tmall. Its export market covers more than 20 countries, including Japan, South Korea, and countries in the European Union, and the Middle East.

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