VIV China

Automation opportunities for all operations

From September 17th to 19th, Nanjing is the place to be for all South East Asian professionals involved in the poultry industry. At VIV China 2018 Marel Poultry will present automation opportunities that support poultry processors in this part of the world in adding most value to their operations.

Marel Poultry will bring attention to automation in the evisceration area. Ample systems and solutions are available for a full automation of fairly all operations. The Stork Nuova eviscerator is a perfect example of this: once the viscera pack has been extracted carefully, it is automatically transferred to a separate pack shackle, as to ensure highest hygiene levels. No human action is required anywhere in this EV process. Further downstream, giblet harvesting and processing can be automated to every desired degree; from separating to packing. 

Stork Nuova eviscerator

Thigh deboning

At VIV China, Marel Poultry will highlight the Stork Thigh Fillet System. This revolutionary system is the world's first inline high-capacity thigh filleting solution. With utmost efficiency and consistency, the bone is carefully separated from the meat, in order to supply retail quality thigh fillets. Meanwhile, the knee cap is removed accurately and at no point in the process, there's a need for manual trimming.

Stork Thigh Fillet System

The Thigh Fillet System is exemplary for the trend to automation as a means to improve quality, hygiene and food safety. Furthermore, producing large volumes of deboned thighs in a manual way would ask processing plants to employ a large amount of skilled laborers. However, there is a global shortage of such expert work force. Additionally, consumers in China and East-Asia prefer dark poultry meat over white meat. All the more reason for Chinese processors to switch over to the automated Thigh Fillet System.

RevoPortioner with Helix Drum

VIV China will witness the next step in low pressure portioning. All over the world, the RevoPortioner is producing the widest possible range of very consistent convenience products, from famous classics like hamburger patties and nuggets at the highest production volumes, up to natural looking and 3D products in smaller batches. Now, the new patented helix drum technology enables processors to raise production volumes and profitability even more, while increasing the operational window and reducing wear and tear of the system.

RevoPortioner Helix drum

Water Treatment

An important subject in contemporary poultry processing is Water Treatment. Chinese processors, like processors all over the world, face main challenges concerning water supply, energy use, increasing operating costs and higher concentrations of pollutants. All these issues require water treatment solutions and systems that comply with local laws and regulations. Marel Water Treatment offers systems capable of purifying water to any desired degree of purification, customized to each individual situation. At the same time Marel supports the processor to save on water use, treatment and elimination of water, at the same time creating ecological, profitable and energy saving systems.

Our experts

On behalf of Marel Poultry, our experts Kai Zhao, Yihui Zhang and Manuel van‘t Sant will be available to answer all your questions regarding our innovative poultry processing solutions. At our VIV China booth, Further Processing will be represented by Steven Cao, while Water Treatment subjects can be addressed to Hauguo Jin.



Start date:
17 Sep 2018

End date:
19 Sep 2018

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Nanjing, China