Customer story

Farmor: New Products Thanks to RevoPortioner

12 Mar 2012

Quality, diversity and innovation

Farmor is an innovative food processor based in Guingamp, in the very north west of France and, together with sister company Robichon, forms part of the global Glon group.
Farmor employs 175 people and has three lines capable of producing up to 12,000 tons of product annually. The product range is extremely varied making Farmor a real ‘multi-product’ company.

Quality, diversity and innovation are key to the success of this hugely successful company, so purchasing a second RevoPortioner to cope with increased production of its meat products was a logical decision.

Nuggets formed by RevoPortionerKeeping up with new developments in the market and meeting consumer demands is a constant challenge. The company manufactures cheese products such as breaded camembert, vegetable based products such as vegetable risotto rolls and vegetable patties and fruit-based products such as coconut finger rolls. Farmor’s main focus, however, is on meat and especially poultry-based products. The range comprises cooked, roasted, coated, uncoated, marinated products, kebabs and traditional snacks such as nuggets, chicken burgers and cordon bleu.

Whatever the product, quality is the prime consideration and this philosophy applies throughout the company – from processing and production to staff where Farmor has invested heavily in training.

Hygiene is also a priority. The plant is fully equipped with sprinklers and a plan for the prevention of legionellosis (legionnaire’s disease) has been put in place. All raw materials and products used by Farmor are fully traceable and production methods are subject to a programme of continuous improvement.

RevoPortionerFarmor and RevoPortioner
Buying its first Townsend RevoPortioner in 2008 was consistent with the Company’s philosophy. This high performance machine enables very flexible production. The different portioning drums can be changed quickly. Low pressure portioning offers new and innovative opportunities for new product development and the RevoPortioner delivers quality products with ease.  It is also simple to use and clean, and requires little maintenance.
Clean production, reduced energy and water consumption are additional benefits.
Jean-Claude Le Du, Farmor Industrial Director explains: "The arrival of the first RevoPortioner in 2008 enabled our R & D department to develop new products that meet even more closely the expectations of today’s consumers. We also saw an increase in our yields and better working conditions for our employees. It is for these reasons that we have again placed our trust in Townsend Further Processing by investing in a second RevoPortioner this year."