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High Capacity QX Link System Order

23 Nov 2013

Marel Townsend Further Processing has reached an agreement with Salm Partners, LLC Denmark Wisconsin about the delivery of the first High Capacity QX Cooked Smoked Link System.

Co-extrusion technology sausage production is a fully automatic system. A dosing pump extrudes a continuous flow of meat mix and a thin layer of casing gel is extruded (co-extrusion). Contact with a brine causes the gel to start turning into a casing. Sausages are cut into specified lengths, pre-dried (and heated), liquid smoke applied and dried once more. They are loaded into their final packaging, sterilized or pasteurized and get their definite structure.

This first high capacity CSL is mainly about an improvement of zone 2 (heating section of CSL) and zone 3 (robot loading instead of the QX loader). The robot loading project is conducted in close collaboration with Marel Ltd. Norwich who supplies the IPL robots for this system.

Main Benefits

  • Completely automated high capacity production
  • Cost savings (mainly labor and casing costs)
  • Attractive product characteristics
  • Unequalled high level of food safety
  • Very consistent quality

QX Link Sausage System