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Innovative coating makes convenience products ovenable

05 Nov 2015

Ovenable coatings by Marel Townsend Further Processing

During the 2015 Further Processing ShowHow a new way of coating was introduced. The 5-step coating procedure is followed by frying and freezing. The end consumer or caterer does not have to fry the product; heating it in an oven is the perfect way to get that golden crispiness everybody is looking for.

In this video we show the production of the ‘Sexy Mexi’, a tasty poultry product with a high percentage of vegetable inclusions, some cheese and Mexico inspired spices. The vegetables are not grinded; another proof that the RevoPortioner only applies gentle pressure to the meat mass in order to produce perfectly portioned products. 

Offering ovenable products can be the next step in widening your offering in convenience products. See the video and find out how we do it!