Customer story

Multihead Weigher and Valuedrum solution at Van Rooi Meat

24 Jan 2018

Van Rooi Meat

With over sixty years in the running, Van Rooi is a family business with a long tradition for innovation being a feature of every generation.

The solution is very easy to operate with the intuitive interface and the employees really love to work with the Marel equipment.
- Roel Gilissen, Team Leader Van Rooi Meat, Netherlands

Among the quality products processed at Van Rooi Meat we see marinated stripes of meat used for shawarmas. Until recently the process of making marinated meat for shawarmas involved a lot of manual labor in both the marinating and the packing process.

Marinating was done with manually mixing of herbs and spices with some variations from time to time which didn’t result in an optimal and homogenic end product. And furthermore, the packing process was also handled manually and with that Van Rooi experienced that giveaway was higher than acceptable.

Automatic marinating and batching of meat

Marel Multihead Weigher at Van Rooi Meat

Obviously Van Rooi had a strong wish to raise not only the quality of the end products but also to reduce giveaway significantly. And after engaging in talks with Marel the natural choice to obtain these goals was to implement a full line solution that handled both, the marinating process and the batching of the products.

It was clear that a Multihead Weigher combined with a Valuedrum marinater would be the right solution for Van Rooi.

  • Very high quality and uniformity of products
  • Superior accuracy with very little giveaway
  • Very easy to operate

Smooth implementation process

Throughout the buying- and implementation Marel and Van Rooi held a close dialogue in order to make the implementation as smooth as possible and with a Marel Specialist technician dedicated to the implementation process the result was that both the installing and the training of Van Rooi employees was done swiftly.

About Van Rooi Meat

What started out as entrepreneurship in the fifties, has evolved into a well-equipped, contemporary company, aware of presentday desires and sustainable demands. Van Rooi produces fair and affordable meat that mostly originates from local farms. Therefore the origin of the meat is transparent and sustainable. In the ‘Farm to Fork’-spirit, Van Rooi strives to unburden the environment, to decrease transportation and to advance usage of fresh and healthy nutritional products.

Van Rooi Meat