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Sausage production with the ModularLoader

24 Apr 2013


In addition to our Coex Skin and MasterLink for sausages without a twist, the Marel stand is the place to be in order to see our linker for sausages with a twist at both ends and our automated sausage tray loading system.

The FreshLinker is a unique, integrated sausage linker that is part of a modular system that forms an entire sausage production line from the filling pump through to the loading, which can be seen on our stand, where it is linked to a ModularLoader. Instead of loading, sausages coming out of the FreshLinker can also automatically be hung for cooking or smoking, a joint development with Risco, which can be seen nearby on their stand, H44.

It is an efficient machine that makes sausages with a twist at both ends and is also very accurate, producing sausages of an identical weight and length. IFFA visitors to the Marel stand have also been wowed by our ModularLoader. This is a completely automated continuous sausage tray loading system. It is a fully automatic fresh sausage loader that can handle a broad range of curved and straight sausages, including natural casing sausages. The ModularLoader ensures perfect product presentation and its high degree of automation contributes to the quality of the end product.