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The Heat is On

20 Oct 2011


The heat was most definitely on at the Marel Townsend Further Processing demo center in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, from October 19 – 20 as some 120 customers from all over the world packed the facility to participate in the Heating Technology Event, staged from October 19 – 20.

Presented as two single one-day sessions both offering the same programme, the focus was on technology rather than products, and evaluating the effects of a range of external factors on finished product.

Backed up by live video and multimedia presentations, the agenda included:


Frying technology

  • The real effect of wet or dry products on frying technology
  • How to improve the frying process
  • Temperature control

Cooking technology

  • The importance of accurate dew point control
  • Two unique separate climates — what does this bring to the user?

The third event of its kind staged in Boxmeer this year, the show is fast gaining popularity among further processors worldwide, as attendances during 2011 have shown.
Like the Marel Salmon and Meat ShowHows, the events provide a unique setting in which processors from around the world can meet and discuss the latest industry trends and developments, while enjoying live equipment demonstrations and one-to-one conversations with company professionals on its products and solutions.

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