Service Agreement

A service Agreement ensures that your machines always receive the highest attention, which is required to operate at an optimal level.

Our Service Area Manager is happy to visit you to discuss your wishes and expectations regarding service, thus compiling a Service Agreement that fits your needs.

Different kinds of Service Agreements:

  1. Technical
    Based upon the agreement made, your site receives a number of visits from our expert engineers. They assess the performance and technical state of your line and carry out small repairs and adjustments. They also make back-ups of the data in your PLC, clearing the buffer and updating the software. Together with your management, our engineers discuss the improvement potential of your equipment, based on its technical state and performance.
  2. Preventive
    An option to include recommended revisions according to the Preventive Maintenance Schedule and required spare parts in the agreement.
  3. Technological
    If you would like to focus more on the technology, there is an option to include visits from one of our technologists, whereby the focus lies mainly on the optimization of the production line/machines.
  4. Combination
    Combination of the above supplemented with on-site training.

Our Service Agreements all have a fixed price that covers everything stated in the agreement. In this way, you know what to expect when it comes to making use of after-sales service.

Engineer visits

In the Service Agreement, there is an option to include regular inspection visits from our service engineers. These visits consist of mechanical alterations, advice on spare parts and minor to extensive repairs or upgrades. Our aim is to have the right engineers in the right place at the right time, whereby quality is paramount. On occasion our engineers also give some training on the spot when they see things that can be improved immediately through minor alterations or extra knowledge. For example, the engineer can ensure your yield increases by making changes to the settings of your production line.

Technologist visits

There is the possibility to include visits from our technologists in the Service Agreement. With their in-depth knowledge of food technology, they check the settings of the machines in relation to the end product and output and inform you about processes that can be changed or improved to get the most out of your line. Our technologists advise you on the different possibilities of the machines and matters such as improvements to the constitution of the meat or additives in meat preparation. These visits can have an enormous added value to the optimization of your production line.

“Each specialized department has a lot to teach us about how we can handle the products and it contributed to our success, having this understanding with your people.” - Mantos, Germany


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