Improving your equipment

We make sure that the quality of your production line is maintained and continually improved.

There is a great deal of added value that we would like you to gain from. We help you by sharing our growing knowledge with you and applying this to our upgrades. An upgrade with a retrofit package gives your machine a higher performance level and give the equipment the boost it needs to be future-proof. Our equipment retrofit packages help you take advantage of innovations throughout your machine’s life. New components capable of enhancing performance, speed or saving energy can often be retrofitted to an existing system, helping you comply with new regulations or respond to new demands.

If you would like to know if these upgrades / parts might be of interest to you, do not hesitate to contact us.

T3 Linking chainSausage linking: new Marel T3 linking chain

February 2018

SpiralOven upgradeUpgrades / parts for the SpiralOven

February 2016

QX trainingTraining for QX system - Improve your uptime

January 2016


RotoCrumbUpgrade / Revision for RotoCrumb

December 2015

QX Sausage systemUpgrade / Revision for QX

June 2015


QX Sausage systemUpgrade / Revision for QX

October 2014


Drum WasherUpgrade / Revision for RevoPortioner Drum Washer

September 2014


RevoPortionerUpgrade / Revision for RevoPortioner

19th June 2014


QX Sausage systemUpgrade / Revision for QX

19th June 2014