“Growth is in our blood”

Hungary’s Master Good accelerates to 15,000 bph

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“We entrepreneurs are an optimistic bunch. Growth is in our blood”. These are the words of László Bárány, Managing Director of Master Good, the largest broiler integration in Hungary, based at Kisvarda in the North East of the country. As recently as 2018 Master Good had increased capacity to 13,500 bph [225 bpm]. The plant is now processing 15,000 bph [250 bpm].

Not just speed

Apart from the recent upgrade to 15,000 bph [250 bpm], other forward-thinking developments at Master Good include the commissioning of brand-new chicken manure fermentation and rendering plants and the acquisition at the beginning of the year of Saga Foods. Saga, based at Sarvar in Western Hungary, produces a range of further processed and sausage products from turkey meat. “We have both deepened and widened our integration. So the ability to upgrade our primary process to 15,000 bph came at just the right time for us”, continues László Bárány. “However, it was not just about speed. Moving to the higher throughput also gave us the opportunity of eliminating bottlenecks and making production easier.”

Enhanced primary process

The main changes to the primary process were the purchase of LineLink transfer units to rehang products from defeathering to evisceration and from evisceration to air chill lines, the acquisition of a VC-20 RS vent cutter and moving the entire evisceration operation to a new, more spacious area. László Bárány is very enthusiastic about the LineLink transfer units. “They are quieter, faster and perform perfectly. We are also impressed with the ATC Active Tension Control system, which manages drive units in our three primary processing conveyor systems. LineLink and ATC give us all the confidence we need to run efficiently and reliably at our new higher line speed.“

Nuova even better at 15,000 bph

With the exception of the installation of a new high-speed vent cutter, existing Nuova evisceration and giblet harvesting equipment was relocated from the old evisceration room. “Our old evisceration department was cramped. This meant too many bends in the overhead conveyor. We now have much more space. Product infeed into the equipment is much improved. This has really helped performance. Our Nuova line now works even better at 15,000 bph than it did at 13,500 bph. Both yields and product quality are up too.”

Moving to 15,000 bph also gave us the opportunity of eliminating bottlenecks and making production easier.

László Bárány
Managing Director Master Good

Our best decision

The replacement of Marel rehangers with LineLink machines prompted the decision to buy SmartWeigher and IRIS vision technology. László Bárány is very happy with the new equipment. “SmartWeigher works smoothly and is consistently accurate. IRIS checks the quality of our grillers and breast caps, while it also provides valuable feedback to our growers. We will soon be using another IRIS system to detect dislocated prime wing joints and we will install Q-Wing too. One of our best decisions ever was to go for the FHF-XB front half filleting system. We are delighted with its performance. You have to know how to use it properly, which we do. Our breast meat yields are truly outstanding.”

Breast caps too

Besides opting for Q-Wing, Master Good will install an AMF-i breast-cap filleting system. László Bárány gives his reasons, “Q-Wing will automatically detect dislocated inner wing joints. ACM-NT will then cut these off and process the resulting products into breast caps for deboning on our new AMF-i system. We know it is a highly flexible tool with an excellent reputation. That is not all. We will also be upgrading our fixed weight retail tray packing operation. We will be installing separate RoboBatcher machines for handling breast fillet and legs.”

IMPAQT impresses

László Bárány attended the Marel Poultry ShowHow event in Copenhagen. Innova’s IMPAQT module particularly caught his eye. He explains, “We are obviously keen that our equipment should give of its best at all times. With IMPAQT you can focus immediately on problems causing a drop in yield or quality. Our technical people would have an invaluable tool at their fingertips. They could do their crucial job even more effectively.”

Master Good

A satisfied customer

Master Good is very satisfied with the relationship with Marel. László Bárány concludes, “Life brings its problems, the recent totally unforeseen Covid-19 pandemic being an extreme example. We know, however, that when issues happen in our plant, we can rely on Marel to help solve them quickly. We trust Marel and have total confidence in the company’s expertise and commitment to us.”

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