Higher throughput, higher quality: The new 1000mm forming machine

The RevoPortioner 1000 is here!

Revoportioner 1000 Increases Volume And Speed Of Food Forming Production Lines

Consumer demand for convenience food products continues to rise. At the same time, quality and cost remain key considerations. Marel’s new RevoPortioner 1000 uses innovative low-pressure forming technology and an enhanced 1000mmm processing width to help meet these challenges head on.

Continuously forming – continuously performing

The RevoPortioner 1000 is the newest advancement in Marel's successful line of RevoPortioner solutions. It continues to build on the proven low-pressure forming technology of previous generations and now combines innovative new features to give convenience food processors substantial benefits.

  • Increased volume and efficiency
    A wider 1000 mm (40’’) forming width and higher speed combine to increase output significantly.

  • Superior product quality
    Innovative technology ensures products are always consistent in shape and weight, across the entire belt width. Improved air release also optimizes ejection from the forming drum ensuring texture and integrity are unmatched.

  • Lower footprint
    The simplicity of the RevoPortioner 1000 reduces footprint when compared to a two-machine set up producing similar volumes, saving a considerable amount of valuable factory floor space.

  • More sustainable, cost-effective processing
    A significant reduction in waste, energy and resource consumption means more environmentally friendly and extremely economical processing.


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Your partner for convenience food processing

Every day, convenience food processors around the world benefit from the innovative forming solutions we’ve been developing for more than 25 years. With the introduction of the RevoPortioner 1000, we now have the most extensive range of low-pressure forming equipment on the market. Our solutions fit any food processing production line and can work with any protein, including chicken, pork, beef, fish, plant-based, potato and pet food.

Taking low-pressure food forming up a level

Create better quality convenience products with the Marel RevoPortioner 1000 low-pressure food forming machine

The RevoPortioner 1000 introduces unrivaled design and innovative technology, whilst retaining the unique features of the previous RevoPortioner generations.

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