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On we published quite some stories about the global poultry industry in 2021, including technical news articles, customer stories, market observations and more. In case you wonder in which subjects your fellow processors are most interested in, or you missed one of these popular articles, this survey may be of help.

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1. Marel acquires PMJ

Marel has successfully completed the acquisition of PMJ, a global provider of advanced processing solutions for the duck industry. United, the two companies are in a stronger position to drive further growth, providing better value for both current and future customers.


2. Producing KFC products in the Philippines

When Poultrymax Omnis, a producer of value-added products in the Philippines, decided to move from semi-automatic to fully automatic production, they were looking for a reliable equipment supplier. They decided Marel was the right partner who could help them grow and make their business even more professional.

IMPAQT Factory Tablet

3. The near future of poultry processing

What do you want your poultry processing plant to be capable of in about ten years time? What are your dream wishes? Do you want to gain more insight, be less people-dependent, have self-learning autopilot machines? Do you want to have your process automatically set up to achieve an optimal output? What’s the role in this for new technologies such as cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)? How can these new technologies bring you real added value? Can you do without them? Marel gives you a glance of its vision of future poultry processing.

FTIM Rotovac 20 RS

4. Check-'n-Neck

Internal organs or bits of them left in the product after evisceration are the number one enemy of shelf life. Equipment to remove them shouldn’t, however, damage ribs. Setting new standards for carcass cleanliness, Marel’s new FTIM RotoVac performs this task accurately, at the same time trimming the neck skin to ensure excellent product presentation.

Sensorx Screen With Fillet On Belt

5. Five reasons X-ray inspection is a key investment for food safety

The food industry works continuously to find ways to ensure products are safe for consumption. Discover why innovative X-ray inspection technology is a key investment for every poultry processing operation providing deboned products, especially chicken breast fillets, thigh and drumsticks, and trimmings.


Prestage Trucks And Management

6. Prestage Farms chooses Marel's turkey solutions including unique air chilling

US processor Prestage Farms is cooperating with Marel to build a reference greenfield turkey processing facility in Kershaw County, South Carolina. The new plant is expected to be completed by end of 2022. For Marel, the Prestage Farms greenfield is the largest turkey project ever. Marel Poultry EVP Roger Claessens says, “The Prestage Farms project is a significant step for Marel in our strategy to align our turkey portfolio with the changing markets. Prestage Farms is the culmination of our program becoming the reference in the North American turkey industry.”

ATC Chilling

7. ATC - Keeping a close eye on overhead conveyor systems

Long overhead conveyors, necessary to accommodate the increasing number of automatic in-line processes, are an important characteristic of today’s high throughput poultry processing plants. Particularly chilling tunnels are known for their long lines. The total length of an overhead conveyor in a poultry processing plant can easily exceed 10 kilometers. How do you keep control of them and how do you avoid costly downtime in the event of failure? Marel’s Active Tension Control (ATC) system is the answer.

Air Chilling USA2

8. Nine cool reasons to go for Marel air chilling

Chilling by air is about much more than blowing cold air at a chicken carcass. Done badly, it will compromise shelf life, yield and presentation. We set out below nine compelling reasons to choose Marel as your chill-out partner!

IMPAQT Control Room4

9. Cedrob Poland is continuously using IMPAQT

In today’s highly productive poultry processing plants, it takes solid software control to achieve the highest overall effectiveness. This is where Innova IMPAQT (Intelligent Monitoring of Performance, Availability and Quality Trends) really shines, as it can identify undesirable production losses, even if they’re very small. In Poland, Cedrob, one of the country’s most important poultry processors, is successfully using the IMPAQT solution for its Cedrob 2 and Cedrob 3 plants. Robert Duda, Cedrob’s Application and Maintenance Manager is convinced of the value added by Innova IMPAQT.

I-Cut 122 TrimSort

10. Six questions about high-volume chicken fillet portioning

The huge volumes of chicken fillet needed to satisfy global demand go way beyond doing the job at home by hand. In high-volume processing plants, intelligence has now become a truly indispensable aid in the automatic production of breast fillet. Factories need solutions, which, combining hardware and software in imaginative ways, can really think for themselves to make the best of each individual fillet. This means the optimum use of raw material, truly minimal give-away and maximum profit.


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