Customer benefits

  • Fast access to critical spare parts in case of emergency
  • Right critical parts on stock to maximize uptime and performance
  • Reduced troubleshooting/repair time by having spare assemblies on hand
  • Predictable costs (budget) for the recommended spare part package
  • No additional costs for high priority orders
  • Components made to—and consistent with—Marel quality standards


<p>Marel strives for ensuring the highest quality and most uptime possible. Despite the best preventive maintenance, a part may fail at an unexpected and inconvenient moment.</p> <p>The critical spare parts package covers the critical parts that are most likely to fail unpredictably during a product’s lifecycle and/or parts with unpredictable delivery reliability (e.g. remote location, customs etc). This package will be kept with your own stock in order to be able to deal quickly with any unforeseen  emergencies.</p> <p>The critical spare parts package is an initial package that Marel can advise on and deliver.</p>

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