Celvia Sérent pioneers exemplary arrival station

Marel ATLAS enhances process security and improves working conditions

Celvia Poulet Serent

French processor Celvia Sérent recently revamped its live bird container operation with the Marel ATLAS system. One aim was to optimize working conditions. The project received Carsat Bretagne’s «Inn Situ» award for its outstanding layout of the shackling stations, for the way in which the project was managed and for on-site safety.

Carsat Bretagne is the French state institution responsible for occupational health and safety. Apart from regulatory oversight, Carsat promotes risk prevention and is always open to innovative solutions. The “Inn Situ, Designing for Prevention” award aims to showcase successful workplace arrangements, innovations and advances in technology, whose aim is to prevent accidents.

ATLAS Forklift And Stacks

This year, Celvia Sérent received the “Inn Situ” award for the reconfiguration of its live bird handling systems. These have resulted in better working conditions and improved health and safety for operators across the entire live bird handling process.

Ergonomic Study

Celvia carried out an ergonomic study to reevaluate the entire process and improve various stages of the supply chain, including forklift operations, container reception, and poultry reception. The scope included all aspects of live bird handling such as poultry containers, trailers, handling equipment, the unstacking, transfer and cleaning of containers. The routing of trucks within the confines of the site was re-assessed as were live bird shackling and cleaning. In as far as this was possible, working conditions at key work stations were improved with the Marel ATLAS system playing a pivotal role.

Celvia Serent Inn Situ Carsat

Stéphane Mignot, Director of Celvia Poulet, received the “Inn Situ” award from Carsat.


In 2020, Celvia embarked on a project to modernize its equipment. This included an ATLAS live bird handling system with a new shackling system. The objective was to meet all safety, quality, and hygiene requirements while improving performance, ensuring the highest standards of animal welfare and optimizing working conditions.

Prioritizing Safety

“We decided to tackle this head-on, completely restructuring our live poultry handling system with the aim of setting a new benchmark for safety in France. We worked on improving working conditions, ergonomics, air treatment, dust extraction during shackling, maintenance, production, operator training and more. We were successful in doing this and the award from Carsat was recognition of our efforts from establishing our initial requirements right through to completion of the project. It was also a recognition of ATLAS’s central role in the project. Marel really showed its ability to monitor and manage such a large project, whose focus was on safety,” said Stéphane Mignot, Director of Celvia.

We completely restructured our live poultry handling system to set a new benchmark for safety.

Stéphane Mignot
Director of Celvia Poulet


A height-adjustable shackling system together with redesigned shackling stations effectively addresses musculoskeletal issues. Apart from installing the ATLAS system, Celvia Sérent also developed a ventilation casing with aspiration units to reduce employee exposure to dust. The toxicological risk linked to dust during shackling has practically been eliminated.
Marel can only compliment Celvia for their efforts made in this project, resulting in clear oversight and excellent collaboration. The Marel ATLAS concept at Celvia Sérent will involve future projects and be an excellent reference, setting the standard for the LDC Group to which Celvia belongs.

About Celvia Sasu

Located in Sérent, Celvia specializes in processing chicken. The company, along with eleven other sites in Brittany, is part of the Société Bretonne de Volaille (SBV) and is a key player in the agri-food sector in Brittany. SBV belongs to the LDC Group.

company website: Celvia Sérent

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