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foodpro 2023

What will we show?

Transforming food processing through connectivity

Food processors have to be more adaptable and intelligent than ever to remain competitive in today’s industry. To effectively meet consumer demand, we support food processors in becoming highly efficient and meeting changing trends.

The challenges you face as meat, poultry or fish processor drive us to develop robotic, automated and digitalized solutions that improve your raw material utilization, throughput and sustainability while decreasing your dependence on labor. 

At foodpro 2023, we will highlight the crucial role of connectivity in our vision of transforming food processing and showcasing how some of our most forward-thinking solutions can unleash the full potential of your processing business.

You will get the chance to see live demonstrations of our exhibited meat and poultry systems and solutions. For example, the process from portioning meat to loading into the tray to packing and labeling will be fully demonstrated.


Oceanian beef and pork processors are facing the challenge of a changing market. To help your business reach its full potential, we are motivated to develop advanced solutions that will improve your yield and throughput.

Your challenges in meat processing drive us to develop automation and digitized solutions that improve your raw material utilization, flexibility and sustainability while decreasing labor dependence.
Reach out to our specialists to identify and solve your daily operational hurdles and optimize your processes. 


Together with our poultry processing customers, we are able to compose tailor-made proven solutions, with a strong focus on innovations and service. Whether you want to start or upgrade your poultry business from 500 bph up to 15,000 bph, you can choose for each process stage, from live bird handling to packing, any automation level and any capacity.
Are you facing processing challenges and in need of support? We're happy to discuss with you all options for your individual situation. You are invited to address our team of industry experts.


For the fish industry, Marel offers solutions from advanced single-skill equipment to integrated systems with machine-to-machine communication for seamless connectivity for fish processors of all sizes.
Connect with us to learn how Marel’s unique mergers with Valka, Curio and Maja are adding to Marel’s product offering in whitefish, salmon and other seafood.

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