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In 2023, we published on more than 50 stories which are of interest to readers involved in the global poultry industry. These include technical news articles, customer stories, market observations and more. In case you wonder in which subjects your fellow readers are most interested, or you missed one of these popular articles, this survey may be of help. We split the Top-10 in two Top-5s for news articles and customer stories.

Customer stories Top-5

Greenfield Avicarvil Logo (1) (1)

1. Avicarvil Romania

Carmistin Avicarvil plans to double capacity and become Romania's biggest protein producer by building Eastern Europe's most modern 13,500 bph poultry greenfield in Vâlcea, Romania. Executive director Andrei Brumaru says, "For the best results and return on investment we decided to cooperate with Marel."


2. Schildermans Belgium

Re-equipping their Schildermans/Pludis processing plant in Belgium with Marel solutions, managing Director Eloy Schildermans says, "We are prepared for a future in which drastic changes in the poultry supply chain are expected."

Aurora Coop Factory Woman

3. Aurora Coop, Brazil

Aurora Coop and Marel agreed to install the largest further processing greenfield in Brazil. The new facility, located in Chapecó (Santa Catarina) is located at the center of nine other poultry processing plants belonging to the cooperative. The project, designed to serve domestic and foreign markets, will be a Latin American benchmark for both technology and production volume with its capacity to process more than 20,000 kg of final product per hour.

Cutup Deboning Turkey Prestage

4. Prestage Farms USA

US turkey processor Prestage Farms built a state-of-the-art greenfield plant for 100 turkeys per minute [6,000 tph] in Kershaw County, South Carolina. It features an end-to-end Marel set-up with multiple lines, from defeathering to air chilling and from cut-up to inspection. Using the very latest technologies and the highest levels of automation, the Prestage Farms processing plant is the new reference for turkey processing.

Banvir Record Nuggets Coming Out Of Fryer

5. Banvit BRF, Türkiye

At Banvit BRF’s convenience food processing plant in Bandırma, Türkiye, Marel and Banvit together have succeeded in producing 5,500 kg [12,125 lb] nuggets per hour on a 700 mm convenience line. Based on current information, this is an unofficial production world record.

News articles Top-5

Carcass Balance

1. Carcass balance - a key challenge for the poultry industry

Perfect carcass balance means making the best possible use of all components of every chicken and being able to sell them at the best possible price. Improving the utilization of the product adds to sustainability but is a challenge for the poultry industry worldwide.

Nuova I Operator

2. Intelligent Evisceration management - Nuova-i

Built on 28 years' experience, the Nuova-i sets a new benchmark in the industry. Nuova-i is supremely fit to enter the era of digitalized processing, making use of more software benefits than ever, including SmartBase machine health monitoring. On the mechanical side, it features 24 units in its carrousel and can easily handle line speeds of 15,000 bph [250 bpm], while guaranteeing efficiency and yield.

Spraying Cabinets Air Chilling

3. Marel sets the trend in air chilling

Supermarkets want longer shelf lives for their poultry products, while consumers want the best taste and visual presentation. With increasing hourly throughputs, the impact on the way poultry is processed, particularly chilled, is enormous. Latest trends in air chilling serve to fine-tune a technology, which has been around for quite some time, particularly in Europe and those markets influenced by it.

Arabian Farms ACM NT Compact

4. Moving from whole birds to cut-up chicken parts

Poultry processors in specific regions of the world are witnessing market shifts that require them to adjust their secondary process. A good example is Sub-Saharan Africa. There is a noticeable consumer trend shifting from purchasing whole chickens to buying pre-cut chicken pieces. If local processors are to compete with imported cuts, they need to consider moving to distribution and cut-up processes with a greater degree of automation.

Feather Press

5. How to cope with by-products and waste?

The efficient and reliable handling of by-products and offal at today’s highest throughputs is a critical part of the primary process. Marel almost continuously improves the handling of feathers and evisceration room waste.


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